What we do

The unique organization of Surplus Permaculture Design allows us to offer a wide range of services.  We have designers based on 4 continents and a network of graduates extending all over the world ready to come and help.

Design Work

Are you interested in transforming your land into one of plentiful abundance using permaculture design principles and ethics?  We are free to answer questions over email, talk on skype, design from afar or make a visit to your property.  At the heart of our organization is the belief that good design can increase the quality of life and leading a fulfilling simple life.  We understand that every situation needs a specific solution tailor maid to the circumstances, and that is why we try to offer a wide range of services.  We want to be there to support you when you have a single question about raising goats all the way to when you need an entire master plan for your new farm/community. Read More


Education is the key to empowering people and opening up possibilities.  Hosting a course at your site can bring a multitude of benefits; use the financial input to launch a project, an influx of positive energy, group design work may lead to unique ideas.  Host a practical workshop to bring to inspire and teach people while you complete your project. Read More

Natural Building

Want a beautifully crafted, simple earthen structure but do not feel confident building alone?  We can assist you or even lead the implantation and you can learn from us as we work along side you.  Sur+ specializes in building earthen, climate responsive structures that fit in the natural landscape and use the local resources most readily available.  Combine building a new structure with running a workshop and have enthusiastic, inspirational people pay to come help out on your land.  You can use the funds derived from the workshop to help finance the new building. Read More

Project Implementation

Need a skilled worker or designer to kickstart part of your project? Let us know and we will make it happen. Read More  

If interested in any of our services please send us a detailed email with how we may be of help.