• Vision

    In a world of future fossil fuel decline, our intention(s) as permaculture consultants is to create planetary regeneration through thoughtful ecological design and individual empowerment.

  • Design Work

    Are you interested in transforming your land into one of plentiful abundance using permaculture design principles and ethics?  We are free to answer questions over email, talk on skype, design from afar or make a visit to your…

  • Education

    We want to spread permaculture design, tools and straetegies by teaching it to as many people as possible. More than just teaching, we want to offer our students a transformative experience, where we hold space for each individual…

  • Natural Building

    Because your house is like your second skin. Because healthy houses create thriving people. Because our hands are powerful tools. Because a house is a right. And you are the architect.  

  • Finished and ongoing projects

    Check out some of the projects we are working on and have completed!