Solar / Wind Install in Western Massachussetts

In the summer of 2014, Surplus team member Brecht installed a wind / solar system in Western Massachussetts. This system serves both as an energy source and as a back up for Richard and his family. Whenever the grid blacks out, the system automatically switches to the stored solar and wind power.


  • Install 8 solar panels and 1 wind turbine
  • Run a battery bank as back up
  • Connect a subpanel to the back up battery bank
  • Generate 2 phase (110V) and 1 neutral and have the inverters switch automatically between grid and battery power
  • Install a separate ground for the panels and wind turbine
  • Educate and train the client as the design and installation proceeds

Design Drivers

  • High quality components
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimize high voltage <-> low amperage for long 200 ft cable run
  • Possibility of monitoring and evaluating system's performance
  • Compatible with existing battery bank of T105 batteries
  • Needs to be fully automatic



The system includes

  • Large DC breaker panel with DC battery disconnect, dumpload disconnect, inverter protection, wind diversion controller breakers and ground fault interruptor
  • Two large Outback VFX3524 inverters for double phased system with shared neutral
  • Two Outback Flexmax80 Charge Controllers
  • RJ45 communication interface that allows the inverters and the charge controllers to 'talk'
  • Redundant battery overcharge protection (to avoid the wind turbine to overcharge the batteries)
  • Automatic switch between grid and battery power in times of black out or battery surplus energy.
  • Electric wind turbine brake in case of high velocity winds
  • 5 x 300 Watt wind turbine dumpload