PDC on gift economy at Vashon Island!

Surplus is running a PDC on gift economy at the wonderful community 'Heartstead' on Vashon island, Washington, USA from the 5th untill the 18th of September 2014. More information here!



People’s Grocery Consultancy

In December 2013, Surplus Permaculture Design had the opportunity to collaborate on a new perennial garden design with People's Grocery, an Oakland California based non-profit dedicated to providing food rights and justice.  “People’s Grocery operates at the intersection of public health, economic development, and food systems. Our mission is to improve the health and local economy of West Oakland through investing in the local food system.”

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Seeds of Permaculture


the newly realeased Documentary by AHOOHA!

This film is so beautifully done and features Christian Shearer and Geoffroy Godeau, lead designers of Surplus Permaculture Design. Please check it out, download it and share it freely, as it was crowdfunded to be free for the world. You can download the full length film at http://seedsofpermaculture.org/

Thanks to all who gave to make this documentary a reality. Through a crowdfunding effort on www.WeTheTrees.com, we were able to collect enough money to see this film through the final stages of production.


The Art of Living Permaculture Project

Venkatesh Dharmraj, along with Brecht Deriemaeker and Nick Tittle as consultants from the Surplus Permaculture Design team, designed to develop seven acres of degraded land that was offered by the Art of Living Foundation. The design was completed in July and implementation started in August. Venkatesh and his team have, over 90 days, applied the design and have already dug swales and ponds for water harvesting, raised garden beds, grown many fruit trees and support species, and built a bamboo and mud hut. The swales, he says, have started filling up the nearby ponds; the gardens have started yielding flowers, vegetables, and fodder, which are being supplied to the ashram; and the land already looks green.

“Now, the idea is to teach people and inspire them to take up permaculture to bring sustainable farming back to life”.

More information: http://www.artofliving.org/in-en/breakthrough-sustainable-farming



Harvesting food from the annual contour gardens


The small whattle and cob education center


Thailand Permaculture Convergence

On the 4th and 5th of May 2013, The Panya Project organised the national Thailand Permaculture Convergence. Many projects from all over Thailand came to Panya and we had a blast! Last year, Nick and Adam represented The Panya Project on the SE Asian Permaculture Convergence in Hong Kong. It was during this convergence, that they decided that it was time for a National Thai Permaculture Convergence. The idea was born! A couple of months later, in February 2013, during the music festival at The Sangob Foundation, the permies from Northern Thailand all sat down and decided that it had to happen and the date would be the 4th and 5th of May. Because we have a lot of space and accomodation at Panya, we decided to be the host for this convergence and Nick took on the organisation of the event. Read More