Therapeutic Clowning Camp, August 3-8

August 3 – 8, 2014

Bringing a whole new energy to the land, Higher Elevation is teaming up with Clown Zero for this five-day intensive theraputic clowning workshop.

The workshop will delve into specific aspects of imaginative play, improvisation and basic performance territories to bring students into the realm of therapeutic clowning. Therapeutic clowning can be an intimate moment of compassionate and empathetic play between you and another, or it can be a way to share an empowering and enlightened moment with a group or an entire community.

As “clowns” we bring different abilities to a social or personal situation: An ability to partner with everyone and everything; an ability to acutely listen to our environments and the people in it; And an ability to recognize and act on opportunities for shared experience and humor. Our goal is to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary and empower people to create their own realities while bringing a sense of ease and delight to those around us. We will move through various exercises that seek to ready us for a kind of fearless devotion to play for the benefit of the audience, or the child, or the parent or…(those we are serving.)

What we want to encourage and generate through this workshop are lifelong agents of play who can easily enter a difficult or unknown situation or environment with a sense of openness, resilience, wonder, and honesty.

This workshop will be a five-day training in therapeutic clowning culminating in a visit to local organizations in need.

Costs, Gift Economy:

Higher Elevation is experimenting with the gift economy, to see if everyone’s needs can be met.  It is unacceptable to us that anyone would be turned away from important education like a PDC because of lack of funds.  That being said, we encourage you to help out financially for the course if you feel moved to do so.  Courses around the world generally cost:

Regular cost for this 5 – day workshop …………………………$300 – $800

*We do require a $100 deposit for this course.  This helps us avoid last minute cancellations.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask:

for questions about Higher Elevation, accomodations, etc, contact:

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About the instructors:


Dan Griffiths and Danielle Conover

are founding members and co directors of ClownZero Therapeutic Clowning Unit in San Francisco California. ClownZero currently serves populations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in hospitals and shelters providing laughter, healing and transformation to communities in need.



Dan and Danielle are trained in physical theater, clown and mime. Dan studied and served as faculty at The School for Mime Theater at Kenyon College, under the tutelage of mime master Marcel Marceau and is a graduate of the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. He also worked as a performer and trainer for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care in Chicago and teaches clown at the San Francisco Circus Center Clown Conservatory. Danielle studied at the Jaques Lecoq International Theater School in 2006, and holds a BA in puppetry and Dance from Sarah Lawrence College. Both Dan and Danielle hold MFA’s in Interdisciplinary Art from California Institute of Integral Studies. They are delighted to bring you this course in Therapeutic Clowning!