Surplus attended the TGI Professional Development Retreat

Christian Shearer and Brecht Deriemaeker of the Surplus Team attended the Terra Genesis Professional Development Retreat in Caimito, Ecuador from the 14th untill the 18th of December. Terra Genesis International is an international regenerative enterprise that works with corporations, non-profits and social enterprises to re-imagine, re-design and regenerate their relationship to the earth. It aims at developping

  • Regenerative Supply Chains
  • Sustainable Agriculture & AgroEcology
  • Permaculture Education & Design Systems
  • Regenerative Enterprise Ecologies
  • Holistic Management Governance
  • Reforestation & Carbon Sequestration Projects

The goal of the retreat was to share experiences with tropical Permaculture systems, investigate partnership and discuss personal growth and development models, frameworks and possibilities. People present were:

  • Luke Smith (Director of Regenerative Design at Alianza Arkana)
  • Lilly Hollister (Peru-based Communications and Fundraising Coordinator)
  • Rick Valley (Permaculture Consultant in Nursery, Tree crops, Earthworks and Broad Scale Agricutural Systems)
  • Christian Shearer (Founder of Higher Elevation Permaculture Education Center, co-founder of TGI, co-founder of Surplus Permaculture Design and Executive Director of Panya Reach)
  • Gregory Landua (co-founder of TGI and co-author of Regenerative Enterprise and 8 Forms of Capital)
  • Ben Murray (Ecuadorian Bioregion and Plant Expert, Permaculture Educator and Designer)
  • Ethan Roland (co-founder TGI, founder of Appleseed Permaculture Design and co-author of Regenerative Enterprise and 8 Forms of Capital)
  • Mary Johnson (co-founder TGI and expert in holistic managementTM, Environmental Assesment and Business Planning and Entrepreneurism)
  • Brecht Deriemaeker (International Permaculture Consultant and Educator, co-founder of Surplus Permaculture Design, co-founder of Panya Reach)
  • Andrew Langford (Founder of the British Permaculture Association and co-founder of Gaia University)
  • Liora Adler (co-founder of Gaia University and advisory board member of The Gobal Village Institute for Appropriate Technology).

A group full of inspiring people with lots of plans to change the world! The retreat was fueled by our individual and collective genius and ran according to an agile open space design.


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